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Capita in partnership with Learning by Questions (LbQ) offered six primary and post-primary schools in Northern Ireland the opportunity to participate in a ground-breaking pilot to evaluate a math curriculum solution – LbQ.

LbQ is an award winning app, filled with more than 1000 curriculum based questions and provides instant student feedback covering topics in maths, english and science.

The pilot was part of a UK wide programme, with 48 schools across 11 local authorities in England also participating. The aim of the pilot in NI was to embed learning technology into math curriculum and took place across an academic year.

The schools who participated had links to each other, either as feeder schools or through shared education programmes, meaning the pilot leveraged continuation of the same technology from primary to post-primary school. The schools were: Seaview Primary, Whitehouse Primary, St. Mary’s on the Hill Primary, Hazlewood Integrated College, Ashfield Girls High School and Edmund Rice College.

The pilot

Beginning in September 2017, each school introduced the LbQ app into their math lessons. In the post-primary schools it was used across years 8 to 12 and in primary schools primary 5 to 7. This meant teachers could introduce a variety of teaching methods to math lessons, from textbooks, group working and the LbQ app, which complimented existing teaching and learning approaches.

During lessons using LbQ, teachers used classroom devices and shared a code with the pupils to access the questions in the LbQ app. To begin the lesson, the teacher was able to activate the app in teaching mode, to discuss the lesson format and go through questions.

Once the lesson proceeded, pupils could work at their own pace through each question, with those pupils requiring additional support easily identified by the intervention feature. Teachers could also pause lessons if a number of pupils were finding the subject difficult.

During the pilot the schools started using LbQ for homework, created their own questions to share with other teachers using the app UK wide, and introduced the app into lessons up to 3 times per week.

Feedback from the schools who piloted LbQ is consistent, with the intervention tool proving to show the biggest impact in supporting students and identifying the different levels of pupil’s math abilities. The instant feedback provided is very beneficial, enabling pupils to instantly understand if they need to spend more time on a question or move on to the next when their answer was correct.

What NI schools say….

“LbQ has been an effective new app to compliment our existing learning tools. The pupils enjoy using it during numeracy lessons and the P5 pupils are now showing pupils in other classes how to use it.”Dane McCoy,Seaview Primary School.

“LbQ allows for more effective maths lesson, which can be easily tailored to individual pupil needs. It promotes independence in learning and improved thinking skills.” Jenny Campbell, Whitehouse primary school.

“LbQ has enabled a change in learning style during math lessons, pupils are working at their own pace, which has increased how much they are enjoying math. The ability to differentiate between pupils progress has been very effective in tailoring lessons and supporting pupils requiring more time on specific topics. When pupils receive instant feedback you can visibly see how interested they are in the lesson and motivated to progress” Niamh McMurray, Hazlewood Integrated College.

“LbQ increases pupil engagement, enjoyment and, above all, learning. I spend a lot less time at the board and more among the pupils. I can easily and quickly identify pupils requiring help and intervene effectively.Attainment across our math department has improved, shown by an improvement in GCSE Math results of which LbQ is a contributor to this” Edel Murphy, Edmund Rice College

“The intervention feature is fantastic, I can easily identify topics I need to help and individual pupils who need more support. I can also easily gain the attention of the entire class if everyone is having issues with the same question by going into teaching mode. I find LbQ is having a very positive impact on pupils learning process and their excitement about math”Jonny Hutton,Ashfield Girls School

“I am using LbQ to set numeracy homework, I create a lesson and give students a code which they use to access the homework on their home device. It saves time marking individual homework’s, pupils are more excited about their homework and feedback from parents has been very positive” David McEvoy, St. Mary’s on the hill primary school

The educational benefits

  1. Teachers gain immediate feedback on how pupils are performing and pupils receive their results instantly.
  2. Pupils learn at their own pace and level, particularly effective in mixed ability classes, enabling teachers to focus on pupils who need more support.
  3. Creates a change in learning style with pupils thinking through the learning process while also creating a buzz of excitement about Math.
  4. Increased engagement in math lessons with an interest in using technology in a traditional subject.

The future

The schools participating in the pilot will continue to use the LbQ app in the math and numeracy lessons and are beginning embedded it more into their lesson plans. There are also plans in place to share the approach of using the app in math with other departments including literacy and science.

About Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a classroom app filled with more than 1,000 curriculum aligned Question Sets and immediate pupil feedback. With Question Sets covering maths, english and science topics, LbQ reduces teacher workloads with automatic marking and instant insight into lessons for effective intervention. It covers all abilities, so teachers can support pupils to learn at their own pace. Each Question Set focuses on just one specific learning objective and contains high quality questions with ideal and captivating illustrations. In addition to sending the questions to individual pupil devices, teachers can also use the questions for lessons with the entire class. During or after teaching, LbQ can instantly verify how much pupils have learned and where the gaps in their understanding are, enabling intervention or review of the topic where needed – while the lesson is still running.

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You can also sign up to a free 60 day trial by visiting

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